Hello there,
I am Rama Naser,
A Registered Dietitan

I am with you from your home to help you reach your personal health goal.

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Nutrition strategies

Nutrition Strategies and plans to help you achieve your goals.

Personal program

Personal Program yo help you acheive your goals.

Find your balance

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Our mission

It’s to nourish yourself, not to torture yourself.

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01 / I listen to you

Through our appointment, I will hear from you to know all the details about your health and your goal

02 / We plan together

We draw a logical plan together that you can implement on a weekly basis

03 / To reach your goal

Sometimes the goals are not tangible, but I promise you that this change is a qualitative leap in your life

If they could, you can. All you need is the correct strategy

Salwa Al.

Melbourne Australia – Change program

I started Change Program with Rama last October. It wasn’t easy to take the first step . No body recommended Rama for me , I followed her when she was talking about healthy food while herself was in quarantine . I always crave for carb and Rama doesn’t eliminate that but she teaches how to choose healthier options. I always have ups and downs but the most important thing is the relationship with food has changed as it’s not my comfort zone any more.

Fatima “ Silver Package“

It was a nice and useful experience. A flexible program in which I did not feel that I was on a diet or under pressure. I learned how to classify food and make new healthy foods. A very useful program for mothers to prepare meals for their families, as it is healthy, delicious and balanced.

Ali Khaled

Awesome experience .. Thank you Rama

Mohammed .z

“Really special experience
The beautiful thing about it is that you do not feel that you are in a food program, but in a life-changing program.
Learn to understand your body and its needs
Learn to love yourself
Thank you very much, Rama.“

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